Sing Your Life by The Jacquelines: approved by composer Mark Nevin!

The Jacquelines received wonderful acclaim from Mark Nevin, co-composer of the Morrissey song ‘Sing Your Life’ that can be heard on their latest album Leaving The Circus.

Mark said that he loves this version, in particular the way  “the vocalists do the very detailed ‘Morrissyisms’.”

The Jackies are absolutely thrilled!


The Strange Brew on Mark Nevin:

Mark Nevin rose to international acclaim as a songwriter and guitarist with his band Fairground Attraction who won two Brit Awards: best single for the Number-One hit “Perfect” and best album “The First of a Million Kisses”. … While continuing to write songs for and with artists such as Ringo Starr and Carole King, Mark stepped out into his solo career in the late 1990s and has never looked back.


Leaving The Circus in the news!

We had a wonderful time at De Roma!!! Thank you to everyone who made it there, we were happy to play for such a full house.

Our version of Vaya Con Dios’ “Don’t Cry For Louie” has been extensively supported by Radio 2, who put our first single immediately in heavy rotation! We also were ‘Album van de week’ there and were invited at De Lage Landen to talk about our new album.

Several tracks from our album could also be heard on Radio 1 in Time Out with Michaël Robberechts.

We had a visit from Rtv, and we were invited at the wonderful Radio Minerva to talk about our favourite jazz records, and of course about our new record Leaving The Circus.

Many reasons to be happy indeed!

Newsletter Disactivated

Due to technical problems our “Newsletter” was permanently deactivated… Since we didn’t manage to get your e-mail addresses back, we weren’t able to let you know that our new album Leaving The Circus was released @De Roma on October 5th…

We sincerely apologize for that…!!!

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