Sing Your Life by The Jacquelines: approved by composer Mark Nevin!

The Jacquelines received wonderful acclaim from Mark Nevin, co-composer of the Morrissey song ‘Sing Your Life’ that can be heard on their latest album Leaving The Circus.

Mark said that he loves this version, in particular the way  “the vocalists do the very detailed ‘Morrissyisms’.”

The Jackies are absolutely thrilled!


The Strange Brew on Mark Nevin:

Mark Nevin rose to international acclaim as a songwriter and guitarist with his band Fairground Attraction who won two Brit Awards: best single for the Number-One hit “Perfect” and best album “The First of a Million Kisses”. … While continuing to write songs for and with artists such as Ringo Starr and Carole King, Mark stepped out into his solo career in the late 1990s and has never looked back.